Training Life in New York

In year 2008, I became a certified a dog trainer in New York. The school is the only one Dog Training School licensed by the New York State. The reasons I choice Anthony’s school are:

  1. The practical teaching mod.
  2. We've to go to different clients’ home, and face different cases everyday.
  3. Host a doggie boot camp in Crocheron park every Sunday.
  4. Just like Hong Kong, New York is a city with high density and hurried life style. I believed that I will learn more here rather than a grasslands training field.

The teaching mode is a real challenge for cadet trainers. We faced different owners and their dog everyday, understanding more theory and skills by degrees. At the end of the course, Anthony lets you to deal with the dog owners by your own, it’s really good chance for us to gain more experience. Under this training mode, we’ve developed our skills, confidence, and own style quickly.


Doggie Boot Camp


I love the doggie boot camp every Sunday. We can deal with many dogs in different breeds, age, and character. Crocheron Park located the water front, with huge grassland, leafy shade, and long walking path. It is a beautiful place to go and walking with dogs. We’ll teach some basic command in the boot camp, and the purpose of this boot camp is to develop canine socialization skills. Usually, there will have 20 more dogs join the boot camp, and the record high is 38 dogs! Dog is pack animal in Mother Nature, the boot camp creates a chance to them to socialize with other dogs and peoples. It is really help for the growth of their min


The feeling was totally different once I’m graduated. I can’t have a depended mindset, I cannot call for help when in difficultly, and I’ve to face any situation by own without Anthony’s advise in the future. To gain more experience, I followed Anthony to clients’ home as usual before I leave NY. The different thing is, I work more proactively than before.


Out of Dog Training


Outside of dog training, I’ve met some friends have a common goal in New York. All of us are working hard to be a successful dog trainer. It is my pleasure to meet them because they are so awesome! They celebrated my first birthday in New York, became my jaunt, walked in the Halloween parade, and helped me a lot. I promised I’ll visit them again next time to New York.


Special thanks to Anthony, Diana, my classmates, and Jackie!