Why training is essential?

  1. Improve the relationship between human & dog
  2. Safety
  3. Good manners
  4. A bright future
  • Improve the relationship between human & dog
    Human and dog are in two different organism systems. Our ancestry brought dogs to human society from wild, and after the evolution for several millennial, dogs have became the pet, the buddy, and the family member of human. Unfortunately, dogs are unable to communicate with us as they do not have language. Living in human’s world, dog doesn’t know electric wire is danger stuff for chewing, they pee & poo anywhere in wild and they don’t know you sofa is not a toilet for them. We cannot expect a dog can learn our lifestyle automatically as human are much more intelligent than dog. Therefore, it is our responsibility to train our dog well.
  • Safety
    Common injuries suffered by dog owners are those sustained in the home or out on walks due to their dog appraoching, pulling on the leash, or being aggressive.
  • Good manners
    Some people who own untrained dog, and therefore badly behaved beacuse dog cannot understand why their circle of friends decreases and no one seems to want to visit them anymore.
  • A bright future
    Training your dog to be amenable with people and obedient to their commands will benefit your dog in more ways than you can imagine.