Recommended Training Tools


  • Do some research for the tool you are considering
  • Contact a professional if you are unfamiliar with a tool.
  • Remember that a tool is only an assistance.
  • Reducing your need for tools, especially advanced tools.


  • Don't use any tool if you are tense, anxious, angry, or frustrated.
  • Don't think of any tool as punishment.
  • Don't rely on advanced tools as permanent solutions.

Head Halti / Gentle Leader

"Controlling dog's head direction to control the dog. Just like horses."
Leading an animal by the head instead of the neck is not a new concept. It is the primary way of managing horses, animals that are much larger and stronger than we are. The positive aspect of a halti is if you are not strong enough to use a regular training collar on a hand-to-control dog, a halti can allow you more direct access to keep him from pulling you around. But too harsh pulling will hurt the bridge, even fracture issues.

Principle: Controlling the direction of dog's head to control the dog. Just like horses.

Advantages: Minimum handling power, humanity

Disadvantages: Dogs may resist at the first time, nearsighted views of a passer-by, not suitable for flat-face dogs.

Easy Walk

"Dogs head directed at you again when he's pulling."
Traditional harnesses actually encourage dogs to pull harder because of the "opposition reflex." That's the reflex that causes sled dogs to pull against pressure and do what they do. It is easy to find that most of the dogs having pulling problem are using traditional harnesses.

The Easy Walk Harness unique front-chest leash attachment stops pulling by steering your dog to the side and redirecting his attention towards you. And, its patent-pending mar tingale loop provides extra leverage for easy, relaxed control and prevents harness twisting and gapping.

Principle: Dogs head always directed at you again when it's pulling.

Advantages: Soft to the dog, less handling power, dog always walk behind you.

Disadvantages: Not suitable for a hyperactive, hard to control, or a powerful dog


"Capture & Reinforce the good behavior"
Clicker training can produce a well-behaved dog by a positive way. Instead of stopping the dog from doing the wrong things, clicker training is going to teach it to do the right things: to greet visitors politely, to concentrate, to go somewhere, and so on.

Principle: Reinforce the good behavior

Advantages: Positive action only, Have a happy training session.

Disadvantages: Time of "Click" is not easy to grasp. Dog may ask for affections by repeating the same action if overdo.

MannersMinder ®

"A remote-control reward machine"
Devised by Dr. Sophia Yin; a famous veterinarian in U.S.A. We could say the MannersMinder® is a remote-control machine to reward your dog. Dogs are learnt by reinforcements, associations, and repeated circumstance. Press the button to reward your dog when he is behaving well and shaping his good behavior step-by-step. You will found MannersMinder® is an awesome tool for house training after the training.

Principle: Reinforce and shape the good behavior

Advantages: Positive training tool, Unmanned and without human emotional effect, Dog can learns in calm status, Increas the learning speed

Disadvantages: Expensive, Large Size (L: 35cm W: 20cm H: 20cm), May not suitable for fearful dog, dog may spoliate the treats by destroy the machine.

Doggie Backpack

People in Hong Kong always exhausted after the whole day work, pet owners even can’t spare time to walk with their dogs, resulting the dog can’t drain their excess energy, being over-activate would cause the behavior problem. The dog backpack would be an excellent choice for owners who don’t have much time to walk their dog.

Principle: Consume doggie’s energy in faster and easier way.

Advantages: Shorter daily strolling time.

Disadvantages: Not good for thermolysis, not suitable in summer time. May hurt doggie’s bone and skeleton if overweight. (Recommended weight is 10% of doggie’s body weight)


"Provide long lasting and softly pressure to calm the dog easier."
ThunderShirt designed as tight-fitting clothes. It can be Provide long lasting and softly pressure to calm the dog easier. I suggest to harmony with clicker training.

Principle: Evolved from Body Wrapping in TTouch, Veterinarians and massagist use pressure to calm client's dog.

Advantages: Positive and convenient training tool. Help the dog calm down more easily.

Disadvantages: Not good for thermolysis, and the effectiveness is case-by-case.