Puppy Training

'Good-behave dog needs sound foundations'


The brain is growing rapidly for puppies. But it is becoming mature when the puppies still in a youth figure. Cognition to the world and character are formatting very quickly in Childhood just like human being. For Human, the first thing we've learnt in the world is mother tongue. We learn it since our born, and perform it when we can speak. If compare with mother tongue, what is the difficulty in learning French, Spanish, or Russian when you are 30 years old? It must be more difficult, isn't it?

Socialization training for puppy is critical. We must grasp this period that the dog with highest adaptability, and let him understand the world is big. We should bring doggie to meet strangers, animals, stuffs, cars, sounds, smells and so on. Some pet shop staff introduces wrong message to new owners: (Always sleep with your dog if you want the dog always sticking to you/ Don't go out before 1 year old).

Back to human example again, if you are isolated between 2 to 6 years old, no nursery, no kindergarten, only stay at home. What will be happen when you go to primary school when you are 7 years old? You don’t know ABC, you ever deal with other children, or you ever know what a car is? Can you imagine?

Rule set up is essential. When we were small, our parents and teachers taught us social politeness, say thank you when get a gift, sit steady when having meal. We can remember those rules easily and we won't break them until now. Dog is sameness, behavior problem can be preventing relatively once they know the rule in day one.

Puppy training is the foundation course focuses on character formation, confidence-building, and behavior shaping. New owner will learn canine habitual behavior and how they thinking. It is suitable for first time owners.

Course Content:
  • Behavior Training Theory
  • Potty Training
  • Puppy Socialization
  • Clicker Training
  • Furniture setting
  • Use of training tools
  • Basic grooming & nursery
Course Detail:
  • In-home private training
  • 2 sessions in total. Around 1.5 - 3 hours per session
  • Charge: HK$2,900 (One Dog) / $3,100 (2 - 3Dogs) / 4 Dogs or more will be considered separately
  • Extra session fee $900, around 1 hour per session
Terms and Conditions
Please read & sign the ‘Terms & Conditions’, and give to the trainer in first lesson. Thank you.