Training Tips

Tips 1

Do you have some hesitation about using a water bottle or a water bowl?

See this video and focus on the tongue action, you may find the answer.


Tips 2

Are you ready to pet a dog?
Summer holiday is My peak season every year. Most of the client are the novice, they take the course and learn how to train their dog. They all facing similar behavior problems such as Hand mouthing, house breaking, hyperactive, sleep on the toilet plate etc. It is common, but it brings out another topic: “They think they are ready to pet a dog, but they are not.” There are few factors you have to consider except patience and time spending.

Living Space – Including the size of your flat, and if petting a dog is permitted in your building.

Manpower – Your dog needs exercise, walking and socialization. At least 45 minutes per day. Who can be responsible for this task? Bear in mind that your helper may not want to be a volunteer. By the way, if your helper always walks with the dog, doggie may think your helper is the real owner, it’s fair.

Financial ability -- Fancy or simple according to your budget. Medical expenses should be the most expenditure

Buying some tools – Is it useful for you? How to know it is in good quality? Listen to the pet shop only?

Your lifestyle – Your habit may change by the dog and this is not in a short period, it is over ten years – it’s a lifelong promise! Include: keep early hour, stroll daily, outdoor lifestyle, decrease travelling

Your research – Enough? In-depth? The breed, grooming request, changing of growth, health information, laws, anti-ticks, home cleaning etc. I still have not mention training things!

These are the real situation I’ve experienced. Please think and re-think if you are going to pet a dog.


Tips 3

Dog Toy 1 -- Sounds making toy
Sounds making toy will cause the hunting drive, just like the prey is still screaming. Don’t worry about your dog will become fierce on playing these toys, it is irrelevant. You can control playing time, and take it away after playing.

Dog Toy 2 – Tugging toy
Some myth of tugging toy:
1. Will make the dog become fierce
2. Doggie keeps glowing when playing, it is not good
3. It’s a win and lose situation, I have to keep winning

And my opinions are:
  1. No way, dog is a type of group animal, competition is always existing in the group even in their life. Tugging game is a chance to learn how to compete, play, drop, and repeat. And we should build a procedure and control the process.
  2. Chasing, tapping, pulling, wrestling, are the ways of dog play. Glowing when play is a sense of involvement. Not overdo is ok.
  3. I’m not going to discuss hierarchy theory here. But your dog may feel bored if you always win.


Tips 4

Avoiding punishment in potty training.
The worst situation of potty training is the dog not dare to pee or poop in front of you. Some information on the internet is totally wrong, especially some discussion forum. They said: “catch him, bring him to face the pee, and hit his hip! Let him know peeing here is wrong! He will not dare to pee everywhere again”. If you do this, you are heading to the worst situation.

The first thing you need to know is, there is no “right” and “wrong” in dog mind. It is the mind of human. If doggie ever experienced blame or hit after pee & poop, soon or later he will destruct or hide the excreta to avoid any punishment from you again.

If case happened then it’s going to be a very difficult task and you will need a very long time to fix this sticky task.

To fix this, you must stop any punishment. Create a new toilet environment by arranging some decoration for dogs such as fence and covering object. Just give him a treat if you see he hits the target, no matter how late it is. But it needs a few months or even longer to improve because the situation is too bad.

Dog is a type of cave animal and they can identify where is the resting place, and where is the toilet zone. What you have to do is to setup a suitable environment for him and capture the moment when he hits. Remember a treat is more powerful than a blame!


Tips 5

Types of walk
There are four types of walk. Have you set some target for every day journey?
  1. Potty walks
    Go for pee and poop, it’s physiological needs. Some dogs excrete outside only and potty walk is a must.
  2. Mentally stimulating walks
    Allow you dog to stop, sniffing on the ground, searching and checking. He is browsing his Facebook, using his pee to check-in, marking his area by scent. Don’t look down on dog pee, it’s included a lot of information such as doggies age, sex, breed. By the way, there is so many things happening on the street also stimulating doggies mentally. You can try a longer leash around 8 – 10 feet, give him more freedom to check his social media.
  3. Training walks
    You can give some simple training when walk with your dog. No pulling, come, stay, gentle to kids or dogs etc.
  4. Power walks
    Do aerobic exercise with your dog! Doggie needs 4 kilometers walk everyday generally, some dog with strong stamina may need 6 to 8 kilometers. Totally consume their energy is not possible if you are busy for work, but you can jog with your dog. Two to three times every day, and 15-20 minutes every time. It’s helpful to consume their energy and keep them healthy.


Tips 6

Targeting is a common technique to train animal. We can use some object as a target, the target can be a stick, your hands, or other objects. We will give some treat while the dog touches the target gently, and reinforce him to do it again and again. We can shape some new behavior such as returning to cage, come, positive interrupter once he knows what is going on.


Tips 7

Reference pictures of potty training