Lo Sai (老細)

Lo Sai (老細)
Name: Lo Sai (老細)
Breed: French Bulldog
Gender: Male / 3 Months
Problems: Common puppy problems: Barking, Jumping, Hyperactive, Hand Mouthing, Potting Training


狗主訓練後感 / Owner says (Hazel Elizabeth)

Lo Sai came into my world at 3 months old. While I had adopted two adult dogs before, a puppy was a different ball game altogether. Keen to leverage most of Lo Sai’s youth to get him adequately trained, I started to consult various training schools and spoke to quite a few training coordinators. What drew me to Sunny and his offering was when he said "the training was not for the dog, but for you to train your dog". Indeed over the course of the two lessons, Sunny shared lots of useful tips from behaviour modification and conditioning to basic puppy care (e.g. food, puppy proofing and grooming) to set up my journey with my Lo Sai for success.

In addition, the benefit of the one-to-one session at my residence, meant that there was full attention provided to Lo Sai and I and that invaluable opportunity to observe him and suggest appropriate methods of intervention. Between the two lessons, Sunny was reachable when there were queries and with the help of technology, videos and pictures was easily exchanged for me to deal with new situations that emerged as Lo Sai grew.

Equipped with the fundamental knowledge of behaviour conditioning and reading puppy/dog signals, it was no longer just trial and error in handling Lo Sai. I was effectively understanding what Lo Sai needed (hence his behaviour) and also how to control unwanted behaviours by redirecting him to the desired ones - all in a positive way! Lo Sai showed marked improvement within days I was able to have him wait patiently for his meal and not prance all around me as I prepared it. Not before long, he was able to do simple tasks like returning to his crate on command and also playing fetch!

While there is still a considerable journey ahead for Lo Sai and I as he transits into adulthood, the engagement of Sunny most certainly set us up towards a positive direction. I’ll recommend Sunny’s services and will be most happy to reengage him again in the future!




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