Name: Dennis
Breed: Mongrel
Gender: Male / 1 year
Problems: Barks & tap people (pedestrian & visitors) and dogs because of scared.


狗主訓練後感 / Owner says (Emma Hardwick)

Dennis was always a nervous puppy, we tried to socialise him but nothing seemed to work. As he got older it got worse and he became very scared of people.

Sunny helped us in so many ways, he showed us how to make Dennis calm, less stressed and happy when out on walks. He will now let people touch him and will not be scared when people approach him.

We appreciate Sunny's methods, he uses a reward based training and Dennis really responded to it. Sunny makes you feel comfortable and explains everything very clearly so you can understand and implement it very easily. He was very kind and patient towards Dennis and provided lots of information which helped us improve our training skills. The first session is very informative, he spends a lot of time asking questions and getting to know your dog and your methods. He will explain the behavior traits of dogs and give you advice on how to train your dog in the right way. If you do the homework you will succeed, you have to be willing to put in the effort and use the methods Sunny has taught you and you will see results.

Dennis is now more responsive, confident and receptive to other people, we still use the methods and see him improving everyday.

I really found the lessons helpful and am now using the techniques with Dennis's sister. Many thanks!




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