Name: Bella
Breed: Mongrel (Golden Retriever Mix)
Gender: Female / 3 years
Problems: Mix of excitement and nervousness when seeing dogs


狗主訓練後感 / Owner says (James & Jo Long)

Our 3 year old cross-breed Bella is the best dog we could possibly have hoped to ever adopt. She was perfect in all ways except one. On her walks whenever she would smell another dog within fifty paces she would go into alert mode and become unmanageable to the extent where people would cross the road if they saw us coming. We enlisted the assistance of Sunny to see if we could help Bella become a more well-rounded and contented dog.

On his first visit Sunny came to our home and spent a long time getting to know Bella and he asked lots of relevant questions to better understand Bella's behaviour around other dogs. He then observed her around other dogs and gave us some extremely useful hints and pointers to make our lives easier and also Bella happier. We did our homework and Bella was transformed over the next few weeks and she has now become a completely different dog (in a good way) around other dogs. Sunny's follow-up visit was also really useful as we got to see just how far Bella had come and how well she had done.

Thank you Sunny – we now have a dog who we are no longer embarrassed by and one that we are able to incorporate into our lives even more.




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