Princess & Kaise

Princess & Kaise
Name: Princess & Kaiser
Breed: Formosa Dog & German Shepherd Mixed
Gender: Female / 5 Years & Male / 1 Year
Problems: Dog Fight, Dog Aggressive, Barking, Hyperactive


狗主訓練後感 / Owner says (Angel)

We had quite a bit of trouble with our two dogs who often misbehaved and showed dysfunctional patterns. Thanks to Sunny, the situation improved a lot and we can enjoy our two dogs much more now. He not only was very patient with our dogs but also explained to us the psychology of dogs so that their behavior made more sense to us. As a result, we also understood how we need to change our own behavior to get our dogs better behaved.

It was a true pleasure to work with Sunny, he displays a rare combination of authority, professionalism and patience. Thanks, Sunny!”




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