Name: Tiger
Breed: Mongrel (Rottweiler Labrador Mix)
Gender: Male / 5 Months
Problems: Barking, Jumping, Hyperactive, Hand Mouthing


狗主訓練後感 / Owner says 

Sunny Tang helped us to better understand and relate to Tiger Woods, our super-sized and highly energetic mongrel puppy. Tiger was abandoned by his former owners when he was around 8 weeks old and came into our family through referral by Animals Asia.

By the time he was 5 months and triple his original size, we were understandably worried about whether we would be able to tame and control him. After two lessons with Sunny, not only was Tiger able to respond to basic commands, but our family members and helpers had a lot more confidence when handling him.

Tiger is still growing and getting more active by the day but now we know where to draw the line with him. By using consistent methods taught by Sunny to communicate with Tiger, we know that we are not confusing the dog. He has also become more disciplined and amenable to instruction. The whole family now enjoys spending time with Tiger.




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