Head Halter

Head Halter
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Colour: Red / Black

Head Halter is a tool to lead big animal. Such as horse, camel, deer, handler cannot control them by man power because they are too strong. But we can control the direction of big animal head first, we can lead them easily once we have control of the direction. Therefore, head halter for dog use is transform from this principle. We may use head halter for some powerful dog, aggressive dog, hyperactive dog in training. Control them first, then start training.

Similar to EasyWalk harness, the unique design creates a power of redirection. It helps handler to save effort.


Size reference


Breed XS S M L
芝娃娃 Chihuahua *      
茶杯貴婦 Tea Cup Poodle *      
約瑟爹利 Yorkshire Terrier *      
松鼠 Pomeranian *      
蝴蝶犬 Papillon *      
玩具貴婦 Toy Poodle *      
比熊 Bichon Frisé * *    
柴犬 Shiba Inu   *    
史納莎 Schnauzer   *    
積羅素 Jack Russell   *    
八哥 Pug   *    
哥基 Welsh Corgi   *    
銀狐 Japanese Spitz   *    
比高 Beagle   * *  
曲架 Cocker Spaniel   *    
迷你牧羊Shetland Sheepdog   *    
唐狗 Mongrel   * *  
史賓格 Springer Spaniel   * *  
金毛 Golden Retriever     *  
拉布拉多 Labrador Retriever     *  
牧羊 Collie   * *  
邊界牧羊 Border Collie     *  
西摩 Samoyed     *  
秋田 Akita Inu     * *
狼狗German Shepherd     * *
西伯利亞雪橇 Siberian husky     * *
伯恩山犬Bernese Mountain Dog       *
阿拉斯加雪橇 Alaskan Malamute       *